Here is one of the North Korean girls working on a stall selling drinks and snacks

This is another of the girls at a different stall. In this photo you can see her Kim Il Sung badge.

You can see how much our North Korean guide was enjoying himself in this one. They usually wear jackets as well but it got warm in the afternoon sun.

I tried to get a photo of Barkyeon waterfall with people in it to give everybody an idea of it’s actual size. The foliage around the waterfall is much more interesting than the waterfall itself to be honest.

This is one of the main streets of Kaesong. You can see that they definitely haven’t cleared the streets of locals while the tours are passing through. They do keep a close eye on them at all times however to make sure they don’t get too close.

Cow and Boy 

Full size view here

This photo was taken about 40 metres away from the Killing fields in Cambodia.

The rainwater on the raised fields runs into this big drain where the buy was wading through with his cow.  I am sure it is full of bones and other stuff but he didn’t seem to care. The killing field shrine area was full of chickens, dogs, cows and children playing when I was there which gave it a surreal atmosphere.


This is another one of those photos that everyone who spends time in Osaka takes but it is hard to pass by without whipping out a camera.

Large Size Here

Debating Tibetian Monks 

Large size here

I was hoping it might develop into a large scale religious brawl but it never happened.  


Net mending on the Mekong

Large view here

I took this near Can Tho in Southern Vietnam. It is hard enough to stand upright in one of those boats so squatting and fixing a net at the same time takes a lot of skill.

The Wisdom of Age

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I found this bunch of contented old men relaxing beside a lake in Hangzhou.

Shame I can’t speak Chinese as I bet they had some great stories to tell.

A Sahara Tree

Its a lonely hard life out there in the Desert.

Singapore by night

Large Size view here

 A lot of people criticise Singapore because it is too uptight but it is still an interesting place to visit.

I would put it close to the top on my list of places I wouldn’t want to have to wear a suit to work however.  


Large size view here

I took this close to my house.

Hanoi Train Line

Large view here

This photo is of the train line going south out of Hanoi. People just seem to wander up and down it without even watching for trains.

Here it is with a bit of neon added using a photoshop plugin. Its a bit tacky but I like it anyway.