This week will probably not go down as a very successful one for the Korean players in England.

Park Ji-Sung appeared just before the 60th minute as a sub in Man Utd’s 2-1 win over Watford.

Lee Young-Pyo played until the 60 minute but was replaced by Defoe as Tottenham unsuccessfully chased  a 2-0 deficit against Everton.

Seol Ki-Hyeon played until the 69th minute in Reading’s 1-0 loss to Wigan.

Park Ji-Sung had an uneventful 30 minutes in which he gave United a bit of a lift in a boring game without doing anything memorable. He did however, manage to end up in a very funny photo in which he looked like he was hit by a shovel just before the shot was taken.

 Park Ji-Sung

Lee Young-Pyo was on the end of a vendetta by Kevin Kilbane which saw the Irishman sent off after fouling him twice in the first half. Some Everton fans pointed out that the sending off of Kilbane may have improved the team.

Seol Ki-Hyeon came close to scoring for Reading. He even tried to pick his spot beforehand.  

Seol Ki-Hyeon