Today was the date in 1950 when the British Soldiers arrived in Korea just before the Incheon assault.

A British force of about 4,000 infantry has arrived in Korea from Hong Kong. The decision to send the troops, as back up for the American-led United Nations force, was taken suddenly a week ago. Until now, the only British support has been from warships in the area and some local air squadrons.

This was the state of play when they arrived:

The British contingent has arrived at a moment when the United Nations line is under heavy pressure on its northern front and the port of Pohang on the east coast is threatened by Communist encirclement. Reports from Korea say Communist forces have also moved inland to capture Kigye. If they are successful, the Communists are expected to turn their attentions next to Taegu, the main centre of allied communications.

 The video is available on this page