There is a report in The Daily NK saying that Kim Jong Il might be in China at the moment.

South Korean intelligence authority is informed that Kim Jong Il’s special train passed Yalu River toward China on Tuesday. However, the intelligence authority is not sure of credibility of the information, and in Dandong, a Chinese border city through which Kim’s train is supposed to pass by, there is no reliable information gathered about the rumor. South Korean intelligence official said that the information of Kim’s visit to China is obtained, but without trustworthy proofs.

Meanwhile, South Korea’s Donga Daily quoted another intelligence official that either the United States or Russia took a satellite picture of Kim’s special train traveling in China right now, but whether Kim was in the train is not confirmed. Last Wednesday, Daily NK reported that Kim Jong Il will visit China around 28th. Since the United States’ financial sanction on North Korea, Kim offered a visit to Beijing, in order to ask for economic aid.


I think we can assume that the photo on the story is not from today or they would probably have used a stronger word than “might”.