This piece from the BBC is old but I hadn’t read it before.  

Of the 50,016 British military personnel taken captive by the Japanese 12,433 died or were killed in captivity. The survivors campaigned for years for extra compensation for the horrors they endured.

On 26 November 1998 a Japanese court ruled against them saying the issue was settled when Japan made a token payment of £76 (the equivalent of £1,200 today) to the servicemen in the early 1950s.

Two years later, the British government granted a total of £100m to 16,700 former PoWs or their widows “in recognition of the unique circumstances of their captivity”

The chairman of the Japanese Labour Camp Survivors’ Association, Arthur Titherington, said the veterans would continue to seek a full apology from the Japanese emperor.

Two British Soldiers after their release from a Japanese Prison

Above is a photo of two British solders after their release from Japanese Captivity.