Apparently some people are dreading the longer Chuseok holiday this year because they fear it may involve extra financial burden (from the Chosun Ilbo).

The extra-long Chuseok or Korean Thanksgiving holiday also means a heavier financial burden for many households. Last year, workers got three days off for the national holiday, but this time around, with possible time off combined with Foundation Day (Oct. 3), some may find themselves with as many as nine days off.

A Lotte Mart public poll made public on Tuesday of 2,067 visitors to its homepage from Aug. 24-30 found that 49 felt that was a burden rather than a boon, while 46 percent were glad of the break.

Among the pessimists, 73 percent said they are concerned about the money they will have to spend on gifts and other costs associated with the long vacation. Eighteen percent worried about having to prepare food for the family and other domestic duties. But 48 percent of those who said they were looking forward to the long holiday were grateful for the free time, and 28 percent of them felt travel will be easier this year because the volume would be spread, and 24 percent were pleased that relatives living far away will be able to gather this year.