Here is an interesting article on a Kim Jong-Il lookalike in Seoul from CNN.

At the small stationery shop in eastern Seoul run by Kim Young-Shik, a customer is clearly flustered by the proprietor’s looks. His frizzy black hair, wide-framed glasses and short stature bear a stark resemblance to a man South Koreans aren’t used to seeing in person.”I don’t want to offend you,” the customer told the owner. “But don’t you look like someone?”

That someone is Kim Jong Il, the North Korean leader affectionately known by his own people as the “Dear Leader.”

The resemblance between the two Kims (no relation) is uncanny.

They have the same unruly curls, pale complexion, and the protruding belly. The two are even the same height.

When Kim wears his olive green Kim Jong Il uniform and dons black sunglasses, walking down the street can be quite an adventure.

You can see a clip of him on the streets of Seoul here