From the Chosun Ilbo 

A Japanese TV channel on Wednesday night aired video footage of a public execution of a woman said to have taken place in Hamju, North Korea on July 10. The clip was broadcast by Asahi TV.

The woman was accused of stealing 10 kg of corn from the kitchen of a colleague and murdering the colleague’s 12-year-old daughter in the process. She then allegedly sold the corn for W3,500 (on the black market $US1 is exchanged for 3,000 North Korean won) at a local market and buying food with the money.

The video shows the public trial of the woman in April, followed by the execution which occurred out in the open, with young students and residents looking on.

Video and photo information really seems to be pouring out of North Korea at the moment. I think there must now be an active organised group smuggling footage out to show what is really going on there.