From the Korea Herald

From the end of next year, Jamsu Bridge will be closed to traffic and only pedestrians will be allowed to use it, according to the new project plans. The pedestrian-friendly project will block the access road and permit only bicycles and pedestrians. Also, a floating garden of 2,500 square meters in size, including a playground for children, berths for small boats, a floating bridge and a cafe, is a part of the project.

Banpo Bridge will also feature a waterfall to add to the visual enjoyment of residents, officials said.

I think the Han river area has huge potential for development. There are very few capital cities in the world that have a river of that size flowing through the middle of it.

Another feature will be a strolling area next to the river, separated from the main roads by a cultivated green area, offering residents a refreshing walk in a countryside atmosphere.

This may be a little ambitious however with Seoul’s pollution levels