Soon, we are going to have sentry Robots guarding the DMZ

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A group of Korean companies has developed a sentry robot that can support troops along the demilitarized zone separating the two Koreas and guard key military installations, government officials said Thursday (Sept. 28).

The robot, developed by the group led by Samsung Techwin Co., has the ability to detect, give warning and provide suppressive fire against intruders, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy said.

Yoo Myung-ho, the principle research engineer at Samsung Techwin said the robot has both regular visual and infrared detection capability that can distinguish humans from cars or trees at 2 kilometers in the daytime and 1 kilometer at night. It can also detect moving objects out to 4 kilometers in the daytime and half that distance at night.

The engineer said the robot can challenge a person who comes within 10 meters and give warning if its detects an intruder.

“All this can be done automatically or through a link-up with a human controller who can operate 16 robots simultaneously,” the expert said.

He said while the robot is static, it can be mounted onto a manned or unmanned vehicle if the need arises.

They should stick it on top of a Dalek and frighten the North Koreans by programming it to say exterminate in Hangul.