From the Chosun Ilbo

Alleyway T-shirt vendors in the Itaewon district have a new competitor. The new must-have shirts read “I’m not migook” on the front, and on the back in Korean, “I am not an American.” Since the shirts first turned up at a shop in front of the neighborhood Starbucks in the middle of last month, more than 100 of the shirts have been sold every five days.

The man who brought the thoughtful product into the world is a 31-year-old named Michael Kenny who would like to make it clear that he is Canadian.


I am in favour of foreigners in Korea encouraging the Korean people to think that all waygooks are not migooks but I think this is the wrong way to go about it. 

Why not make T-shirts with Canadian,  Austalian etc… written in Hangul on them if the aim is to educate?