From the Hankyoreh

A local government is seeking a measure to provide financial subsidies for civilians residing on the Dokdo islets, in order to encourage people to move their residence there. Dokdo, a series of islets known as Takeshima in Japan, has been the subject of territorial disputes between the two nations.

Currently, only a fisherman and his wife are permanent residents of Dokdo.

Under the plan, slated for discussion by the provincial council of North Gyeongsang Province, a household would be given 700,000 won (US$720) in monthly living subsidies starting from January 1 next year. For a household with two family members or more, the provincial council will discuss ways to grant subsidies of 300,000 won per person.

Under those terms, if the plan is approved in the upcoming council meeting, the fisherman and his wife living on the islet would be given 1 million won in total subsidies every month starting next year.

The subsidy may not be available however if you hold a Japanese Passport.