Movie industry daily Variety said Pretty Pictures had agreed to buy the rights to a new North Korean film and three previously released titles.

The new film “Schoolgirl Diaries” is a comedy-drama about a teenager who learns to respect her parents by hardwork, and is directed by Jang In-Hak.

“We believe this is a historic deal,” Pretty Pictures president James Velaise was quoted as saying after agreeing the deal with Kim Chol-Su of the Korean Import and Export Co. (KOR Film).

“It will be the first time in recent years that a North Korean movie will receive a commercial release, as opposed to a festival release,” Velaise added.
“Schoolgirl Diaries” could be released in theatres in France in mid-2007.

Around eight million people in North Korea have seen “Schoolgirl Diaries”, Variet reported. Other movies in the deal include the 1964 film “The Flower Girl of Anshi.”

From AFP 

I don’t know much about Pretty Pictures other than they have a pretty crap logo.

I hope they didn’t pay too much for these films because I can’t see that many people going to see them in the cinema.