This is the unpleasant story (from the Dong-A Ilbo) of what is alleged to have happened on the Marshal Islands in 1945. I am sure it will be made into a film someday in Korea. It will definitely not help Korean-Japanese relations much.

Japanese and Koreans eked out eating soup with bean leaves. And in early 1945, a Korean who was working for the army disappeared.

Efforts of groups of other Koreans to find the missing person failed. Later, those who went for fishing to a nearby deserted island saw an unspeakable scene. They found the disappeared Korean with slices of flesh in the thigh cut out.

What shocked them more was the whale meat Japanese gave to them a few days earlier. At that time, they felt satisfied because it had been long since they had eaten meat last time, but they quivered thinking they might have eaten human flesh. It was not quite possible the Japanese without any tool caught a whale and gave the meat to Koreans.

Now I am no expect on human flesh but I would imagine it looks and tastes very different to whale meat. It would probably have been better to pretend to have caught a wild boar or something similar.

Several days later, another Korean went missing and was found with similar thigh flesh slices cut out. Koreans were overwhelmed with fear. Eventually, they decided to escape from the island. U.S. warships were around the island, so they thought they could escape if they killed the Japanese.

On the night of March 18, 1945, Koreans carried out their plan and killed 7 Japanese. When they were about to flee, machine guns were fired at them. A Korean informed the army in one-hour-away Lukonor Island about the plan and a 50-strong Japanese patrol came to the island and mercilessly fired bullets into Koreans. The Japanese bayoneted fallen Koreans. Those who took the lead in uprising killed themselves by blowing up dynamite.

The last part is probably what the skeptics will focus on however.

“In 1995, I went back to the Mili Atoll, and I could not find any signs of the massacre. Yet I could not get over the tragic memories so I wrote the memorandum,” said Lee.