Its a strange thing to try and do but Danish Journalist Mads Bruegger managed it.

He formed a fake left-wing theatre troup quartet which included two South Korean born Danes and was allowed to perform in Pyeongyang. The group got permission to video their performance and also recorded as much footage as they could of the city while there. The footage will be broadcast in four episodes starting Dec 1st on Danish TV.

Apparently their whole performance was satirical but the North Koreans did not see the funny side.

“No one grasped the thick irony and satire,” Bruegger said. “I believe we only survived because 50 years of mind control has wiped out any sense of irony and satire.”

The Danes, who professed to be big supporters of North Korea’s communist regime, appeared on North Korean TV and marched in an anti-U.S. parade in Pyongyang, Bruegger said.

He said their recordings were approved by North Korean authorities. One clip, shown on Danish TV, showed the Danes presenting a pizza shovel as a gift to a North Korean official.

During that meeting, Bruegger said he made “a totally delirious speech” in which he wished Denmark would follow the North Korean example and “test fire missiles to defend our strong Danish culture.”

He also followed around George W’s campaign trail in 2004 posing as a member of the Danes for Bush group. Not quite as dangerous.