Following up on the Rambo talk over at the Marmot’s Hole I spotted this.

The current title for the new movie is Rambo IV: In the Serpent’s Eye and it is set in Thailand.

In the latest sequel, John Rambo is pulled out of retirement in Bangkok to help find missionary aid workers who disappear as they’re delivering supplies to ethnic minorities in neighbouring Myanmar.

But it will be all be OK because a Thai committee is going to make sure there is no ethnic misrepresentation.

“Some scenes might be a little bit violent, so we asked them not to make it too violent because if we say that the ethnic minorities are violent, it might be inappropriate,” she said. “We did not forbid them – we just asked them to be careful.”

She also wanted the filmmakers to assure villagers and environmentalists that any bombing scenes – “in that ‘Rambo’ style” – would not harm the environment.