..and unfortunately I don’t expect a happy ending either (from the JoongAng Ilbo)

Renate Hong, a German woman who has been waiting to be reunited with her North Korean husband for more than 45 years, pleaded for help in petitions yesterday.

“Before it gets too late, I want to see my husband. Please help us,” wrote the 69-year-old who is trying to find her husband, Hong Ok-geun. She sent the petitions to Germany’s foreign ministry, Germany’s Red Cross and the North Korean Embassy in Berlin.

“My husband made clear his wish to return to his family in [then] East Germany through letters regularly exchanged until 1963,” the petition read.

Mrs. Hong has not seen her husband since North Korea forced him to return home in 1961.

I think that if he is alive North Korea will arrange a reunion for some much needed positive PR if possible. However, I think that is unlikely given the situation.