Bill Frist, outgoing majority leader in the U.S Senate has introduced a bill calling for the establishment of a $10 billion fund to prepare for any humanitarian crisis in North Korea (from here).

The proposed legislation was to be “a sign of hope to the people of North Korea, who have suffered for six decades under one of the cruelest regimes the world has ever known,” said the retiring senator from Bush’s Republican party.

“To the people of North Korea, I say ‘we have not forgotten you, and we stand ready to help.'”

It may be a sign of hope that they never know about however.

It is not a widely held opinion but I think if North Korea collapses suddenly and reunification occurs it could repair the U.S-Korea relationship. The U.S would invest heavily in North Korea and the newly free North Koreans would be fascinated by American culture & entertainment in the same way the former Soviet Bloc people were initially. This would result in the warming of South Korean opinion towards the U.S also.

In addition to the above, the failure of the North Korean state would result in the disintegration of the South Korean far left groups. The most important thing if the above happens is that the U.S military should make sure to enter the North only as a part of an International Force and preferably not as the primary provider of troops.  This would lessen the possibility of them being branded as invaders or occupiers.