Officials in Seoul have decided to carry out a widespread cull of cats and dogs in a bid to prevent the spread of bird flu.

However some animal health experts are calling it an ‘extreme measure’ including Peter Roeder, a specialist on cat and dog flu, who told AP the following:

It’s highly unusual, and it’s not a science-based decision.
We’ve got absolutely no reason to believe they’re important.

They also dug up a Korean official who admitted to the slaughter. He insisted killing cats and dogs to curtail the spread of bird flu was not unusual.

“Other countries do it. They just don’t talk about it,” Kim said, adding that all mammals are potentially subject

to the virus. He declined further comment.

The report did not mention whether the dogs pinpointed as being flu risks were farmed, domestic or stray dogs.

I suspect they may be farmed and thats why they are not giving out much in the way of detail. They are probably trying not to add fuel to the animal rights complaints.

Meanwhile the parliament is tucking into the chicken soup again just to show that it is safe.

It might be a good time to lay off the dak-ddong-jib for a while however.