Apparently, he wants to sign a document declaring the end of the Korean war with Kim Jong-Il in return for a dismantling of the North’s nuclear program. This then could lead the way for a direct meeting between Kim and Bush.

White House spokesman Tony Snow after the summit said if Pyongyang dismantles its nuclear program, “we are willing to do a whole series of things…including a declaration of the end of the Korean War,” but did not reveal Bush’s offer. According to the source, Bush also said he is willing to offer new economic incentives to the North, though it was not clear what. The offers mark a significant shift in Bush’s tack on North Korea, a country he included in the “axis of evil” and whose leader he described as a “tyrant.”

Its all very nice but unfortunately it will never happen. Kim Jong-Il will never agree to the above for one basic reason. His control of the people is dependent on painting the U.S as the evil enemy poised to attack via it’s South Korean puppet state.

Signing an end to the war would undermine this. Dismantling the nuclear program would also be going against the Songun Chongch’i policy so there is no chance of that either.

So I think its a good move from Washington. Offering North Korea a poisoned olive branch that they can’t take. It makes the U.S look less hardline without having to compromise.