Ananova has a story on a reporting team from Kazakhstan’s Channel 31 that was doing a documentary on the US political system in Columbus, Ohio.

One of their crew was called Bolat so it was trouble all the way.

Press secretaries for both Republican and Democratic parties were suspicious enough to verify their credentials with the US State Department.

“They were really adamant that they were not Borat,” said Ohio Democratic Party press secretary Randy Borntrager.

State Department officials who supervised the TV crew’s two-week trip say they got apprehensive phone calls wherever they went. Even the FBI called to make sure the crew was legitimate.

“The timing of this was not good for the TV crew, because a lot of people thought they weren’t for real,” said George Santulli, the State Department official who oversaw their trip.

It seems like Bolat is a really common name in Kazakhstan. Amoung the people sharing the name are the president’s brother and the Kazakh Human Rights Commissioner.

It could get even more confusing if they try to get interviews in East Asia.