I really really hope they have to follow through with this from the Hankyoreh.

Samsung Plaza department store in Bundang, Gyeonggi Province, held an event to give away Italian luxury cars priced at 280 million won (US$300,000) each. Imagine the store’s surprise when 444 lucky individuals came forward with winning tickets.

It depends on the small print but it all sounds a little contradictory to me.

The department store suspects that many scratched off their tickets after the winning numbers were drawn, somehow figuring out which numbers were hidden on the cards. An official with the department store said that it is “investigating as to whether there is a way to see through the hidden numbers written on the tickets, but we cannot yet figure out whether it is possible.”

Samsung Plaza is now trying to figure out if it has to present 444 Ferraris to winning ticket holders. According to the event’s promotional brochures, all the winners will receive the car. But according to writing on the lottery tickets, if there are more than three winners at first, a runoff raffle will be held to determine the final winners.