But surprisingly this is not North Koreans selling missile technology this time.

The case involves 14 executives from 7 South Korean defense firms (including Daewoo International) who sold technology to Myanmar for use in the construction of a munitions plant.  

“The contract was written to look like these companies were exporting regular machinery,” said one of the prosecutors. “These companies used code words like ‘owner’s hose’ for the Myanmar defense ministry and ‘rice container’ for factory.”

He noted that money was transferred into personal bank accounts instead of corporate accounts, and that the plans for the cannon ammunitions plant appear to have been stolen by a 55-year-old individual who worked at the Korean defense ministry’s Agency for Defense Development, which is how investigators think the information for the operation was passed to Myanmar.

Its was an ambitious project to try and get away with. I like this quote from an official at Daewoo International.

No one knows how ammunitions production equipment got exported.

The rest of the story is available here in the Hankyoreh