I am often left frustrated by the lack of Safari and Firefox support on Korean websites when using my Mac.

However there could be light at the end of the tunnel according to The Hankyoreh.

“In the U.S., Britain, and France, there is no inconvenience faced by Internet users that don’t employ Microsoft’s software,”. In the case of Denmark, the government requires by law that public Web sites, such as online tax payment or bank sites, to not discriminate by computer operating system and Internet browser.

However, the South Korean government designs its Web sites based on only Microsoft’s software. One of the government’s Web sites even carries a warning: ‘This page is for use through Internet Explorer.’ Kim Yeong-hong, a senior official at a civic group, said, “Because Web sites are designed with a certain company’s monopolistic software in mind, Internet users who don’t use the software are banned from accessing the Web sites.”

In response to the problem, a group of Internet users that do not employ Microsoft software plans to file a lawsuit against the government. The group is now seeking plaintiffs for the case on the Web at open.unfix.net; so far, 84 people have expressed willingness to join the lawsuit, anticipated to be filed early next year.

Unfortunately 84 is a really small number. I can see this lawsuit going nowhere fast but I will live in hope.