Here is one of the North Korean girls working on a stall selling drinks and snacks

This is another of the girls at a different stall. In this photo you can see her Kim Il Sung badge.

You can see how much our North Korean guide was enjoying himself in this one. They usually wear jackets as well but it got warm in the afternoon sun.

I tried to get a photo of Barkyeon waterfall with people in it to give everybody an idea of it’s actual size. The foliage around the waterfall is much more interesting than the waterfall itself to be honest.

This is one of the main streets of Kaesong. You can see that they definitely haven’t cleared the streets of locals while the tours are passing through. They do keep a close eye on them at all times however to make sure they don’t get too close.


This sentence makes no sense to me. Perhaps they are trying to confuse the North Korean officials by distorting time.

Two North Korean soldiers, who were rescued last week by the South Korean Navy in the waters off Sokcho in Kangwon Province, were sent back to the North on Wednesday after weeks of medical treatment, officials at the United Nations Command (UNC) said.


According to the Dong-A Ilbo , Kim Jong-Il is a fan of the series and gets it brought in on DVD.

I wonder is he falling behind because of the sanctions.

Maybe he had to resort to watching illegally uploaded grainy versions of it online.

It is probably one of the downsides of being an Internationally isolated Dictator.

KBS has a story on two North Koreans that were killed by suspected Nazi Skinheads in Vladivostok.

The Vladivostok police said the victims were hospitalized on Sunday but one died the following day and another the day after.

Violent racist skinheads are becoming a huge problem in Russia. Below is a scary program by Ross Kemp where he got an unpleasant insight into their ideas and methods.


Apparently, he wants to sign a document declaring the end of the Korean war with Kim Jong-Il in return for a dismantling of the North’s nuclear program. This then could lead the way for a direct meeting between Kim and Bush.

White House spokesman Tony Snow after the summit said if Pyongyang dismantles its nuclear program, “we are willing to do a whole series of things…including a declaration of the end of the Korean War,” but did not reveal Bush’s offer. According to the source, Bush also said he is willing to offer new economic incentives to the North, though it was not clear what. The offers mark a significant shift in Bush’s tack on North Korea, a country he included in the “axis of evil” and whose leader he described as a “tyrant.”

Its all very nice but unfortunately it will never happen. Kim Jong-Il will never agree to the above for one basic reason. His control of the people is dependent on painting the U.S as the evil enemy poised to attack via it’s South Korean puppet state.

Signing an end to the war would undermine this. Dismantling the nuclear program would also be going against the Songun Chongch’i policy so there is no chance of that either.

So I think its a good move from Washington. Offering North Korea a poisoned olive branch that they can’t take. It makes the U.S look less hardline without having to compromise.

I would like to be a fly on the wall for this meeting.

Journalists from North and South Korea will meet for the first time in 60 years today to discuss ways to promote inter-Korean exchanges and reconciliation, organizers said yesterday.

The two-day meeting, scheduled to start today at Mount Kumgang, a scenic resort on North Korea’s east coast, will bring together 123 from South Korea and 50 from the North, according to a statement from the South Korea-based Journalists Association of Korea.

None of the journalists at the meeting will be from any of South Korea’s major newspapers. They are mostly from left-leaning publications and press-related civic groups.

No doubt there will be a lot of time spent plotting ways to encourage the removal of USFK and suchlike. I wonder how many of the journalists are from the KTU/other unions or Hancheonyeon

Below is the footage associated with this earlier post.

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