Middlesboro have wrapped up the signing of Lee Dong-Gook.

And the price was….   nothing!

Pohang let him go on a free transfer. Pretty good deal for Boro.

I hope his knee holds up.


Middlesbrough appear to be close to signing South Korea forward Lee Dong-Gook, according to the player’s agent

He told the Korean Times:

Middlesbrough have tested him three times and want to sign a contract with him. We are talking over details.

It could be an interesting move. He would probably have to compete with Yakubu, Viduka and Maccarone to establish his place so it would be a challenge.  

It looks like Park Ji-Sung is starting to approach full fitness again after his long injury.

He had a very good game yesterday against Aston Villa and he appeared to be relaxed and confident for the first time since last season.

Here is an interesting (but badly translated) story from the Dong-a Ilbo about Ikeda Masae and how he has dealt with his guilt from the 1940s.

His guilt stems from when he was a Japanese teacher in Bangsan elementary school in Seoul during WWII.

Towards the end of the war he was ordered by the Japanese General Government to send as many female students as possible to the war plant in Toyama. So he coerced some young Korean students into going to Japan by saying the working and living conditions would be good for them there.

Unfortunately there is a big hole in the article here because it does not say exactly what happened the girls in Japan. It only says that he tried to contact them after the war to say sorry but only one of them would agree to meet him.

The suggestion by the Dong-A is that they ended up working as comfort women but it is not explained clearly in the article.

Also the story goes on to say that he sent between 1,000 and 1,500 New Year’s cards out every year to ensure as many Japanese people as possible read his confession and atonement until his death last December.

The Chosun Ilbo has a story on a man in his 40s who was infected by bird flu but didn’t develop any negative health symptoms.

The Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention(KCDC) said that a man in his 40s tested positive for the highly pathogenic H5N1 virus. The center conducted tests on 26 residents near four poultry farms in North Jeolla Province which were hit by bird flu in November and December last year. Final test results on 85 residents are due late this month.

Thankfully however the reporters avoided linking the man’s good health to kimchi consumption this time.

The Korean Netizens have found a new target on which to vent their anger. It is www.Ogrish.com according to the Chosun Ilbo. They have also coined a phrase for their righteous crusades. Hacking of Fury. Its catchy.

The site enraged Korean Internet users by posting an advertisement looking for video of Kim’s decapitation when Kim was kidnapped.

I understand why they might find it offensive. It might be more constructive to hack the Islamic extremist websites that use the videos to recruit however.

This sentence makes no sense to me. Perhaps they are trying to confuse the North Korean officials by distorting time.

Two North Korean soldiers, who were rescued last week by the South Korean Navy in the waters off Sokcho in Kangwon Province, were sent back to the North on Wednesday after weeks of medical treatment, officials at the United Nations Command (UNC) said.


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