Here is one of the North Korean girls working on a stall selling drinks and snacks

This is another of the girls at a different stall. In this photo you can see her Kim Il Sung badge.

You can see how much our North Korean guide was enjoying himself in this one. They usually wear jackets as well but it got warm in the afternoon sun.

I tried to get a photo of Barkyeon waterfall with people in it to give everybody an idea of it’s actual size. The foliage around the waterfall is much more interesting than the waterfall itself to be honest.

This is one of the main streets of Kaesong. You can see that they definitely haven’t cleared the streets of locals while the tours are passing through. They do keep a close eye on them at all times however to make sure they don’t get too close.


Cow and Boy 

Full size view here

This photo was taken about 40 metres away from the Killing fields in Cambodia.

The rainwater on the raised fields runs into this big drain where the buy was wading through with his cow.  I am sure it is full of bones and other stuff but he didn’t seem to care. The killing field shrine area was full of chickens, dogs, cows and children playing when I was there which gave it a surreal atmosphere.


Large size view here

I took this close to my house.

Whoever said that nothing interesting ever happens in Belgium.

Here is a story about a skydiver who has been detained by police suspected of sabotaging a friend’s parachute and watching her fall 13,000 feet to her death after discovering that the woman was having an affair with her boyfriend.

The suspected crime of passion came took place last November when Els Van Doren (37), died in an apparent high altitude accident after her parachute and emergency chute failed to open.

In a macabre twist the police recovered video footage of the jump taken by Ms Van Doren on a head camera showing how she struggled to open her parachute.

Police now believe someone tampered with her skydiving equipment. Michel Zegers from the Tongeren prosecutor’s office named fellow skydiver, Els Clottemans, as prime suspect.

Ms Clottemans (22) was detained for questioning last week, though no charges have yet been filed.

Investigators believe Ms Clottemans and Ms Van Doren, who belonged to the same parachute club and were friends, had a relationship with the same man, a Dutch national identified as “Marcel.”

Newspapers have suggested that Ms Clottemans murdered Ms Van Doren, a married mother-of-two, in an extreme act of revenge, after learning about her love rival’s affair with her boyfriend.

A court will assess the evidence next month but Mr Zegers said: “I believe we can call this a crime of passion.”

Ms Van Doren had jumped from a plane with three others, including Ms Clottemans and the Dutch boyfriend. But when her parachutes failed to work, Ms Van Doren plunged to her death at 130mph near Opglabbeek, a small town in central Belgium.

Police subsequently said the victim’s parachute could only have been tampered with by someone with extensive skydiving expertise.

Ms Clottemans initially escaped attention during a first round of police questioning because of her friendship with the victim.

But she became a suspect in December when she attempted suicide hours before she was to make a second statement to police.

Ms Clottemans is said to have a history of psychological problems.

Stranger than fiction.

Korean people are usually quick off the mark for money making enterprises but it looks like Germans beat them to it with this idea from Ananova.

More than 300 Germans are renting themselves out as would-be protestors.

The protestors rent themselves out for around £100 on website erento.com.

A spokesperson for the site says there has been a demand for the service.

According to the site there are various reasons why ‘protestors’ are hired.

According to local German media, organisers of a recent march in Munich hired a group of protestors because its own adherents were too old to stand for hours waving banners.

Momofuku Ando, the Japanese inventor of instant noodles has died aged 96.

Nissin Food Products Co., the company Ando founded, said on its Web site that he died Friday after suffering a heart attack.

Ando was born in Taiwan and founded his company in 1948 from a humble family operation. Faced with food shortages in post-World War II Japan, Ando created a quality, convenient product would help feed people cheaply.

In 1958, he produced “Chicken Ramen”, the first instant noodle. Following its success, the company added other products, such as the “Cup Noodle” in 1971.

“The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum” opened in 1999 in Ikeda City in western Japan commemorating his inventions.

In his honour today I ate some Udon Noodles with chicken and prawns. I am sure it would have made him feel proud.

Just a note to explain why I am being quiet at the moment.

I just started working in a new company so I am dead busy. I will do my new job by lurking around in the dark corners behind Internet searches for the biggest web fish in the pond.

No prizes for figuring out who that is. Needless to say I am not stupid enough to blog about them so don’t expect much.

But don’t worry. I will be back to regular blogging soon.

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